Beef Stroganoff

4 years ago

My husband told me he has been craving beef stroganoff for a couple of weeks now so when we went grocery shopping today I made sure we picked up the stuff so I could make it. That is what we had for dinner tonight. I have made this before but it was in a slow cooker. I didn`t have time to do slow cooker meals tonight but still managed to make this delicious (probably more so than last time) and the meat very tender (again... probably more so than last time).

What I did was started with a roasting cut of beef. I trimmed down the large chunks of fat and then sliced it up into small strips. I seasoned it very well with salt and pepper and put it into a hot pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Once it was well browned I removed the meat from the pan and into a separate bowl, then added in some butter (about a spoonful) and an onion that I finely chopped. Next went in two containers of fresh, sliced mushrooms. That cooked up on medium heat until everything was softened and golden. At that point I dumped in a few cloves of garlic and let that cook for just about a minute. Next, I spooned it some flour and stirred it around. Then, I poured in a couple cups of beef broth and added the meat back in. I let it come up to a boil and then reduced the heat to low, put the lid on the pan and let it cook for about an hour and a half (stirring every 20-25 minutes). When there was about 25 minutes left I wasn`t happy with how thin the sauce was so I took some corn starch with a tiny bit of cold water, mixed that up, and poured it in. That thickened it up perfectly. The last couple of minutes I mixed in some sour cream and green onions. I served this over buttered egg noodles. And because I couldn`t resist, I added a chunk of French loaf to the bowl.

It was absolutely delicious. My husband even commented that this was the best stroganoff he has eaten. SUCCESS! (You always want to hear that your dish is the best your significant other has had). My son really liked this, too...though he didn`t want the beef! I left those out of his portion and just dipped out the sauce for him. I couldn`t believe how tender the beef was. I really expected it to be kind of tough but it wasn`t at all! It was amazingly tender.


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