Beef Congee

4 years ago

Congee is a Chinese dish that most Chinese people eat when they`re sick or not feeling well. You can think of it as the Asian style Chicken Noodle Soup, good for what ails you.

It used to be a food for peasants who could not afford to feed themselves with rice. What they do is make a porridge out of whatever rice they have, what other ingredients they can find and then fill it up with water. You end up having a sticky filling porridge that can feed 4 people rather than just 1 with the amount of rice.

I make congee myself, but only for my mum when she`s sick. I really hate the taste the congee. I`d rather have chicken noodle soup when I`m sick.

But the boyfriend thinks otherwise. When we were in Hong Kong and I had food poisoning, he refused to let me eat anything but congee. It was the worst week of my life!

This was one of the congees. It was made with leeks and beef brisket. He ordered beef brisket because I also lacked iron and beef is a good source of iron. I`m anemic you see.

Overall, I had to pump the congee with lots of black and white pepper because I don`t like soggy rice.

But I know a lot of Chinese people love congee. It`s quite popular in Dim Sum and Chinese restaurants.

Who has tried congee?

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