Beef and Veggie Stir Fry!

3 years ago

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share the delicious stir-fry I made for me and my family the other night.

My mom had bought some steaks, so I decided to marinade them overnight. I tossed the steaks into a plastic ziploc and I made a simple marinade using olive oil, a little bit of soy sauce for some colour, some hot sauce and some Montreal Steak spice seasoning.

I was planning on grilling the steaks and serving with some mixed veggies. However, I was running home late from work, and my family got home before I did. We were all really hungry, and since grilling the steaks would take too long, I called and told my sister to slice the meat into strips until I got home so I could make a stir-fry instead.

The meat was already cut when I arrived, so I immediately tossed it into a pan so it could brown. In the meanwhile, I decided to use some frozen veggies. We keep these on hand since they are great for stir-frying. You have to make sure to cook them with a really hot pan though, otherwise they can get a bit soggy.

After the meat was almost completely cooked, I tossed in the veggies and covered the lid so the veggies could heat up. There was quite a bit of marinade on the meat, so it was creating this great sauce along the bottom. I added a bit of cornstarch near the end to thicken the sauce.
The meat was really tender after the marinade, and cooking it at high heat on the pan helped sear the outside but preserve a lot of the juiciness inside.

I ended up serving with some plain quinoa as a side, since it takes only a few minutes to cook and everyone loved it. Sometimes, you need to adjust on the fly, but it could lead to something better than you had planned!

I`m going to make something like this again the the future (with some extra hot sauce this time, at my dad`s request - he loves everything super spicy!).

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