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BedUP! is a concept bed that is designed to save room in your apartment or flat. You literally put the bed up when you do not need to use it, and pull it down when you do. You could store it anywhere, provided there is enough space on the roof. I would buy this bed because it is unique, and I would have alot more free space in my room. Also my room would look much more modern compared to how it looks now-old fashioned with modern technology. I also think that there should be a variation of colours with it, and I do know it is a concept, but it could help the product go in to production and let millions of people worldwide buy this new bed. I think the design is very good, and it looks easy enough to put away, however its more of a `manual` method, and should be automated, like with a lift button of some sort. I know it may not speed the process up, but it seems the most safest option, I mean, what if you are taking it down and it lands on your head or something? It would be fatal.

What do you think?

If this product was in shops, would you buy it?

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