Bedroom redesign on cards? Many Unusual ideas to inspire you

3 years ago

Who doesn`t love redecorating their bedroom? Its one of those things that give us immense pleasure. We love coming home to a place that`s ours -- intimate, personalized, and somehow different than every other bedroom in the world.

We may get stumped for ideas every now and then but fortunately inspiration is not difficult to find. With a firm eye on practical creativity, we bring to you unconventional home décor ideas that you will love. Whether you are decorating for yourself or for your catatonic teenager, these ideas will allow you to transform mundane into something electric, exciting, and fascinating.

Where to start?

Look inward for the ultimate inspiration.

What kind of themes do you choose for your desktop or mobile background? Sci-fi, fashion, nature, wildlife, horror, or Game of Thrones?

Whatever floats your boat, don`t let it remain confined to a PC set-up. Bring the theme out of that electronic device and into your bedroom for a jazzy, zany, but above all, a highly personalized effect.

Some of the accessories that can help you do so are:


There are wallpapers and there are wallpapers.

Paint jobs are cool and refreshing and can transform the look of a room but they are not an everyday job. Most of us only carry them out once every few years!

But what is easier and more doable, and perhaps more effective at achieving a striking transformation, is experimenting with wallpapers.

Now, we don`t necessarily mean something like the following, but it is a thought. You need to start thinking out of the box if you want your bedroom to stand out.

Illuminated wallpapers could be the next big thing. They are eye-catching and have a tremendous presence about them. Id like something resembling a fork of lightning over the horizon. Dangerous themes do it for me.

The following is a dystopian wallpaper with the image of a CCTV camera on it. I loved 1984 and am a fan of George Orwell in general. I find this a fantastic wall decoration idea for my living room!

3D wall art

There`s something about the third dimension. Its enticing and alluring, while also deceptive and inimitable. I m not referring to the ocean here, but to the innovation in wall art over the years. 3D has been everywhere for a long time, was only a matter of time before it made way to our bedrooms (if it hasn`t already!).

3D wall panels or art can create an aura of magic. They instantly lift your room out of indifference and place it on a pedestal that is the preserve of all things seductive.

Decorative wall stickers

These are so nifty and handy that there`s no end to what you can do with them. Unlike wall papers and wall panels, wall stickers do not require you to make any major changes to your walls. You can simply stick them up (the adhesive does not leave any marks on the walls) and take them off on a whim. They are easily available and do not cost an arm or a leg, which means you can buy them in several varieties. One for each mood to capture your multi-faceted personality.

Funky lamps

Funky lamps and lighting can transport you to a galaxy far far away in no time! Take advantage of the variety in the market and dare to stick your neck out by buying a lamp like this:

Again, lamps can be bought in line with the overall décor of your room or your personal tastes. For example, guitar lovers can buy a lamp that looks like a drum (in line with the musical aesthetics of their room), and car lovers a lamp that reminds one of a certain old Italian scooter.

Lighting does not need to be confined to the usual spot lights, strong bulbs, or traditional chandeliers. There`s a great range that can help you capture (or create) the right mood for your room.

Mad headboards

Headboards are another excellent and non-intrusive way to inject character into your bedroom. If you don`t find anything online that takes your fancy, you can create one yourself. Headboards are rather easy to make given their rectangular shape. A lot of discarded material in the house can come in handy for this purpose. Consider it a board from which you can officially launch your creativity!

Conclusion: We hope the above pictures have given you enough inspiration and design ideas to get started on your own expedition. Remember, to stand out you need to do things differently, and doing things differently requires courage. But in the land of courage are found an endless number of interesting things. So buckle up and take off!

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