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2 years ago

Yesterday, a coworker and I went to our local Office Depot because they are having a closeout sale. In our field of work, we go through certain office supplies reaaallllyyy quickly, so the notice of a closeout sale at an Office Depot sounded like Christmas to us. We went right after work and stocked up!

There were certain items that I absolutely needed to pick up, like tape and staplers and crayons, so I was super happy to find those on sale for dirt cheap (only $1 for a 24-count box of Crayola crayons? Let me tell you... that`s an amazing find! lol). I picked up three staplers, which seems like an ungodly amount, but I go through about 7 staplers a year because people abuse and break them quite frequently (if you`ve guessed what my job is, you might have an idea of the people who are using and abusing my staplers...).

I picked up some other supplies for everyday use including some Sharpies, highlighters, and pens. Then I picked up some `special` supplies that I normally wouldn`t get, but they were on sale so I finally bought them. This includes a stationary paper set in a black and white print (I love handwriting letters so I`m hoping to start using these soon!), post-it notes with a cute kitten on them (because whyyy not? lol), and a post-it note holder in a black and white pattern (I never bought one before because I could never justify spending that much money on a holder for paper, but at just $6 on clearance, this was perfect!!).

My desk at my job already looks nicer thanks to my new post-it note holder, staplers, and writing utensils. I love having a nice-looking desk, so the look of my supplies that sit on it are a priority, haha.

I picked up some other odds and ends for various purposes and left Office Depot about $80 poorer, lol. But I saved SO MUCH! The original cost of all these items really add up - everything was between 20% to 50% off, so I got some incredible deals!

...You know you`re an adult when office supplies are exciting :P

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