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My sister goes to school in Ottawa, and she is done for the summer, so my friend and I recently took a roadtrip to bring her (and all her stuff) home.

While we were there, we spent most of our time in Byward Market. Byward Market is a huge outdoor market with lots of restaurants and food stalls as well as opportunities for shopping. It is also really close to Ottawa`s Rideau shopping mall and the historic Parliament building.

While we were roaming around the night we got there, I mentioned to my friend how I wanted to get a Beavertail at least once during the weekend.
My friend had no idea what a Beavertail even was so my sister and I decided that we needed to introduce her immediately! lol

If you are like my friend and you have never heard of Beavertails then here`s an explanation.

A Beavertail is a flat pastry that is deep fried (like a doughnut, but flat). It is called a beavertail because it was invented in Canada and resembles the tail of a beaver (a very Canadian animal) haha!

They are normally covered in sugar and cinnamon but there are lots of variations as well. The most common choice is to have them covered with Nutella and a variety of other toppings. They even have a savory option with garlic butter and cheese!

Even though it was pretty late at this point, the Beavertail stall is usually open late so we headed over and decided to split one in three with nutella and bananas.

The next morning, my friend was ready to have a a full one all to herself, so we decided to have one each for breakfast lol

(Let me tell you that this isn`t a food for everyday, since it`s crazy unhealthy, but since I only have it once or twice a year, I figured why not).

My friend, a self confessed lover of all things fried and chocolate ended up choosing one with Nutella and powdered sugar.
While I, being a chocolate a peanut butter fan myself ended up with one with Nutella, peanut butter and Reese`s pieces called a Triple Trip :P

Beavertails has some permanent locations in certain places and trucks that visit fairs and festivals. I posted their website below if you are interested in checking them out :)

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