Beauty`s secrets of Spain

1 year ago

Hello beauties,

Its been a while since I post about beauty secrets, but today I decided to do it. You went to airport and got a ticket. 3, 2, 1 . Your next destination is Spain. 3 words that can describe this country and it`s people would be - passionate, natural, warm. Have you ever wondered why Spanish women looks so energetic, gorgeous and young? Then keep on reading to find out

Most of vitality women get from diet. Yes, it is right! Diet doesnt mean losing weight. Diet is about nutrition, which in Spain is all about traditional Mediterranean cuisine, which consists of seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and extra virgin olive oil. Also drinks wine, room-temperatured water and others.

Well chosen diet give all nutrition needed for our bodies. Also drinking warm water, let beautiful spanish women stay hydrated.

As scientist find, sun gives us joy feromones. And Spain definetly have enough of sun (even I starting to think about moving to south, just because of sun :D ).

Have you ever thought about spanish personality? So bright, colorful and passionate? Yes!!! And the best way to see it is through their communication and dances. Loud, joyful and hot conversation might scare introverts, but this makes spanish unique. And their dances - Spanish flamenco and Afro-Caribbean salsa, absorbed by the Spanish as if it were their own. After just one class of hot and steamy salsa or passionte flamenco, you will feel your shoulders straighten and your posture even out.

Spanish women love taking care of themselves mostly from the inside that might be the main reason for their energy and passion. This is how I summarize their beauty secrets.

Hope you enjoy our trips of beauty secrets.
Thats for today. Until our next fight ;-)


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