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Last night I received an email saying Beautylish`s shop was open, this is their grand opening and I was extremely excited to see what it looked like. I had imagined it looking much, much worse than it is, I think I was expecting it to look similar to other beauty blogging sites that have little shops, plain and lower end. Oh how I was far from the gorgeousness that is the new Beautylish shop! It`s has Beautylish written all over it! The entrance tells you what brand they are showcasing (this month is Sugarpill Cosmetics), each month will be a different brand. Once you click into the boutique you`ll see a few photos of the brand, special deal (this month it`s a FREE @#$%! eyeshadow when you buy the Heartbreaker palette) and what exclusive items they have only in Beautylish`s shop! Also they are offering FREE shipping on orders over $35.

When you click on a category to shop (i.e. pressed eyeshadow, palettes, etc.), then click on a product to see more details, you`ll see photos of the product, swatches on three skin tones (I`m so jealous of this feature) for makeup items, the lashes are on a mannequin head so you can see the scale of how fabulous they are, and photos of the makeup product crushed to see how it looks as is. Each item has all these photos to help you see the color, tone and texture - I absolutely love this feature!!!

At the entrance of the boutique there is a description on the brand and when you click into each product they will also show you reviews on the products so you don`t have to go searching the website for the reviews yourself - another feature that I think is GENIUS! These reviews are from us, the beautylishers that take the time to share their reviews and photos on the products we love and hate.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention the credits you may have built up during the last few months where you could promote the shop and get people to sign up for the priority access with you. When I logged into Beautylish and checked into the shop I saw a note saying I had $160.00 credit to spend!!! WHAT?! OMG! I was all smiles and high pitched chatter when I was excitedly explaining this to my BF. So, I of course had to do some midnight shopping. I`ve never tried Sugarpill Cosmetics before but I`ve always wanted to since they`re so popular in YouTube makeup tutorials. I definitely had to get the Heartbreaker palette and the FREE @#$%! eyeshadow, and I added the Firefly individual lashes to bump my order over $35 so I can get the free shipping too.

If you haven`t heard of Beautylish before, please check them out! Even if you don`t want to review products and join the community, you can still read all their amazing articles where they share trends, upcoming brands and designers and artists, interviews, DIYs, and so much more!

Of you join, here`s my profile, I will always follow back:

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