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The Beautyblender makeup sponge has to be the one product that has made me the MOST skeptical Ive ever been about something. A makeup sponge. An egg-shaped, horrendously overpriced makeup spongeright? Wellone test run with this baby and that may all change your mind. Theres a reason theres a hype and that reason is because it really is phenomenal.

This high quality, uniquely shaped sponge allows you to blend makeup without any brush strokes, finger marks, etc. so you get a flawless, airbrush-finish each time. Run it under water and squeeze any excess out so the brush is damp (and a lot larger in sizesee the photo below) and that way it wont absorb any product while you use it. I love the big round end for general application and blending, and the precise tip for areas like around the nose and under the eyes. Plus the moisture from the water actually helps to blend your foundation even more, and it feels really nice on your skin as you do it.

The con in this case is that the price is quite absurd for what you see, just pieces of sponge material. I know that they are high qualitybut over $25 for two? I think thats a bit ridiculous. I havent tried any of the alternatives like Sonia Kashuk or Sephoras ownbut Ive heard they arent a good dupe and that nothing beats the original. I guess its up to YOU to decide if that warrants a $25 purchase for a couple sponges. They do last a long time though, they are re-usable so wash them regularly, let them dry in a glass and you should get months, if not years, of usage out of them.

Does it replace my beloved Sigma F80? Thats really hard to say. I find using the F80 to be quicker and this one to feel a bit nicer upon application. They are both heads of their own leagues.

Price: $25.95 USD / $27.24 CDN for 2 sponges
Availability: Sephora
Overall: A great tool to have for a flawless, airbrush finish. A little expensive, but they are re-usable and will last a long time if well taken care of.
Rating: A-

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