Beauty treatment for the couple: facial exfoliation

Today, beauty treatments are part of the routine of women and men, so why not combine business with pleasure and make a treatment together. We propose a facial exfoliation, since it is a beauty treatment must be done periodically to clean deep skin, while the detoxification and softens. When was the last time we did a facial scrub?

What is it?
A facial scrub is a beauty treatment that helps renew the skin, removing dead cells from the face and neck, which are responsible for one aspect of dry skin, dull, dehydrated and even aging. Furthermore, the facial exfoliation cleanses the pores in depth, clearing them altogether. This treatment uses a beauty product that is specific to scrub - a sort of cream / gel grainy texture that applies in the face and neck movements with care, like massage. After exfoliating dry skin, remove with warm water and apply a moisturizer. The only relative contraindication to this beauty treatment is to be avoided exfoliate skin with acne blemishes, sunburn or immediately after having done the waxing or shaving.

At the spa or at home?
A facial scrub is a beauty treatment that the two can enjoy both a spa - where there is a variety of scrubs to choose from - as in the comfort of your home. If you have never had a facial scrub, you can always schedule a first session in the spa and enjoy some special treats for two. After the experience and known tricks, just repeat the experiment at home

Beauty Treatment at home
Make a complete beauty treatment at home, to be enjoyed by both, is easy and can prove an excellent quality time spent together and in an atmosphere of romance. Decide where you will do the treatment - in the bedroom, bathroom or elsewhere - and create your own spa environment: lower the intensity of the lights, light candles and incense, put on some music and Turkish robes to wear those super comfortable. What can be better than taking care of the beauty of each other?

Homemade Exfoliating
The exfoliating product is the star of this treatment there is no beauty and cosmetics brand that does not have one or more exfoliating - just take care to purchase one that is suitable for face (do not confuse with the exfoliating body, which are harsher ) and your skin type. On the other hand, can confecionar your own homemade exfoliating, thus saving time and money and gain from the creation of a 100% natural and original. Below two quick recipes and practical home exfoliants that can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator a few hours, so that when you reach your "spa time" just relax and enjoy.

Pineapple scrub and oil
The pineapple scrub and oil is an excellent choice for in-house application, not only because it is easy to do, but because this fruit contains the enzyme bromelain, which is effective in removing dead cells and deep pore cleansing. The oil, in turn, has therapeutic characteristics that help to soften the skin. Add ½ cup of natural or canned pineapple and 3 tablespoons of olive oil in blender and blend. Apply the mask on face and neck of each other, and massaging gently with circular movements, leave the exfoliating to stand for 15 minutes, before washing with lukewarm water. At the end, applying a good moisturizing cream to each other, preferably using a mini-massage.

Exfoliating orange
Join in a suitable container, 2 tablespoons dried orange peel and grated, 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and 2 tablespoons cold water - stir well until you get a kind of creamy smooth. Apply the scrub orange face / neck while leaving dry, can avail to talk. Once dry, esfoliem face each other alternately with gentle circular movements. Remove the scrub with warm water and wash your face with cold water. At the end, applying a good moisturizing cream to each other, preferably with a mini-massage is included.

Visible results
A beauty treatment like facial scrub has a clear effect - a baby`s skin soft and silky that you will not get tired of playing! In addition to this effect visibly spectacular, a facial scrub also has many other benefits: it allows an effective absorption of cosmetics / creams that are part of your daily beauty routine, allows a smooth tanning; combat the appearance of acne and other skin problems; overdrive existing expression lines and combat the appearance of new wrinkles, keeps skin of the face and neck healthy. Do not forget this wonderful beauty treatment and repeated at least once a month. They may go even further and next time try a body scrub ... pure pleasure for two!

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