Beauty Tip Tuesday: Healthy Hydrated Skin

4 years ago

I have come up with a new thing called Beauty Tip Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will be posting a new beauty tip about makeup, skin, or even just ways to keep your body healthy. Follow me so you can get a new tip every tuesday!
Todays tip is a way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Follow the steps below to see how you can achieve this!:)

1) Fill your sink with warm water. Make sure the water isn`t too hot, you don`t want to burn your skin. The reason why you use warm water is because it opens up your pores letting your skin soak up the water and really hydrate your skin down deep.

2) Put in a few drops of Coconut oil or almond oil. You can find these oils in the cooking isle at the grocery store or even at any drugstore. (I got mine from Walgreens).

3) Next your going to tie your hair in a pony tail so its out of the way. Dip your face into the sink for as long as you can hold your breath or just for a few seconds. Take your head out and repeat this step for about 3-5 minuets.

4)Once the 3-5 minutes are up, go ahead and dry your face with a towel. Remember DON`T rub your face with the towel it can irritate your skin. Instead, pat your face dry. NOTE: the oil may still be on your skin after drying it with a towel. Thats okay, leave the oil on for a few minutes then wash your face with soap and water. Then continue on with step 5.

5) After your face is dry, take your favorite moisturizer and apply it to your face. I would recommend a non-scented moisturizer because sometimes the fragrance can irritate your skin.

Now your finished! Hope this tip was helpful and let me know if you tried this out and what you thought of it. Don`t forget to follow me to get a new tip next Tuesday!

*I came up with Beauty Tip Tuesday**The picture above is mine**
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