Beauty tip of the day: How to draw your eyebrows

4 years ago

Hello Luuxers !

So I was watching a bunch of videos, mostly tutorials, on youtube and I noticed all the girls were doing the same mistake when it came to their eyebrows.

Well let me say first that what I learnt, I learnt it from Make Up For Ever school, in Paris, so if you don`t agree, feel free to contact my teachers lol

Anyways! What we have been taught is the following: when you do your eyebrows or your client`s, you have to draw them on the opposite way so that the powder, the colour that you are using, applies on the skin and not on your actually hair. This way, you do actually draw your eyebrows and not just putting a powdery colour that will probably move away during the day or whatever.

Honestly, apart from Julieg713 who does her eye brows on the wrong way but still it looks pretty because she does not overo it, on some other girls it just does not look right =/ It is way overdone and does not look natural at all it, is super scary in my opinion =/

So I added a few sketches so that you get an idea of what I`m talking about and remember; it is just an advise based on my studies and experience, if you don`t want to follow it or if think the other way is better, go for it! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful one everybody !

*Pictures are mine, please do not take them without my permission, thanks*

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