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4 years ago

If you`re someone who buys make-up regularly, like me, you know there is one big question surrounding your habit (besides the amount of money you`re spending); WHERE DO I KEEP IT ALL? Trying new products is great but a bathroom counter full of mascara tubes, eyelash curlers, and lip glosses isn`t so great. It`s important to find an organizational product that works best for you and your lifestyle. Getting ready in the morning can be a whole lot easier if all of your products are in place. I`m currently in the process of moving all of my belongings back from college so this post is inspirational for me as well. My love for make-up isn`t dying anytime soon so if I want to protect the longevity of my products, I need to take care of them and be organized too!

1. Original Beauty Box. I have been lusting over this acrylic drawer set for months. As soon as I`m settled back home I think I`m going to invest the $120 into it. I have heard amazing feedback and it`s a great way to stay organized yet still display your prized goodies.

2. Nyx Small Make-Up Artist Train Case. This case is perfect if you`re someone who travels a lot or if you`re just cramped for space. A train case allows you to store all of your products in one place yet still have the option of moving it easily if need be.

3. Tory Burch Brigitte Cosmetic Case. A cosmetic case is great for your essential items. Sometimes I put my daily products in mine and leave it on my bathroom counter for quick access. Instead of rummaging through my entire make-up collection on a daily basis, I can quickly use the items I grab most. I can even throw it in my purse if I know I`ll be out all day or spending the weekend at my boyfriend`s house.

4. Wire Make-up Carousel. This is a perfect budget-friendly way to store your make-up. You can easily leave it on your dresser or bathroom counter; wherever you have flat space to spare. It`s also perfect for storing hairbrushes, make-up brushes, and larger personal items. The spinning feature allows you to easily see and get to the products you need.

I hope these ideas were helpful if you were looking for new ways to organize your beauty products. Let me know if you have any other items you recommend! I`m always looking for new tips and tricks.
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