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While your head rests on the pillow, your body is working overtime to renew and replace the skin cells that have been damaged during the day by environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and harsh weather conditions. Collagen is responsible for giving skin its structure and elasticity. Less collagen means more lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Using a night cream that contains peptides can help signal new cells to increase collagen production. Therefore new skin appears firmer and lifted, and fine lines and wrinkles seem smoother and diminished.

1). Learn How To Rest Before You Sleep - power down mentally and physically before you go to bed.

2). Create A Comfy Sleep Environment - remove or cover all the lights in your room even those from your digital clock. Lights can block out melatonin production, which causes you to be more fully awake, making it harder to fall back asleep.

3). Formulate A Nightly Beauty Ritual - Night creams are specifically formulated with more moisturizers and active ingredients in order to capitalize on your revved up reparative system, so you`ll get the best beauty results. Plus, that routine will also prepare you mentally for a restful Beauty sleep.

4). Trick Your Body Into Relaxing - Simple things like what you eat and your body temperature can actually have a huge impact on your sleep. Coffee addict? Better cut down on the afternoon lattes caffeine can actually stay in your system up to 7 hours after being consumed, which can cause some big problems trying to get to la la land later that night.
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