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The beauty routine varies from person to person, depending on your needs and characteristics. However, we can determine which are the basis for a good routine fits all:

1. Cleanse the skin. On this point opinions diverge, those who argue it is necessary to wash your face at least twice a day, but whoever says that once may be enough. The truth lies somewhere in between: a dry skin may be cleaned only once a day, doing so may increase the problem but of course this also depends on the specific needs of each;

2. Exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin can renew it, making the grain more smooth and healthy. Fundamental rule is: do not overdo it! Use an exfoliator once / twice a week may be sufficient in some cases even three times are fine;

3. Hydration. Moisturize the skin is a passage that all should respect, even those who have oily skin, it is now well known that this type of skin needs a minimum of moisture. Find the suitable moisturizer to your face, apply it in the morning and evening (especially if you are going to apply make-up before going out) in a circular motion, carrying even small massage in order to promote circulation. On the web you will find numerous videos and self-massage techniques that, in my opinion, can be very useful;

4. Always remove make-up face. Never go to bed rigged, although the cosmetics of today are less aggressive, the skin needs to breathe. When no longer needed, remove the makeup from her face, a little is enough cleansing milk or, if you do not feel like, the wipes will do;

5. Facial Mask weekly. Once a week, give yourself 30 minutes just for you. Give the face a nourishing mask, purifying, anti-stress and anti-aging. In short: no negative what you need, be more selfish and think for a little more to yourself;

6. Rest. Do not expect too much from yourself! Your body needs to rest. A good night`s sleep is the best beauty care for everyone!
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7. Commitment and perseverance. We must not overlook those small daily gestures that pamper our skin, face or body that is!

I think I said anything. Each skin needs a beauty routine, this can be useful as input, but if you can, consult a good dermatologist and ask for a custom!
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