Beauty review Neutrogena: Oil-free Acne Wash (Facial wash)

3 years ago

I`d like to start this by saying that while I don`t approve of Neutrogena`s current practices`, I do believe in their product. It`s unfortunate to hear that they test their products in such a cruel way.

For starters, in the past year or so I`ve cleaned up my diet and up`d my exercise antics which has done nothing but benefit my skin and left it nearly clear, despite the occasional pimple. However, my pores? They were large, visible, and open - I`ve never felt ashamed of my pores, nor did I notice the size of them until I started using Neutrogena`s product. After only 3 days of standard washing (morning & night) I started to notice that not only were my pores clearing out, but they were closing up & shrinking! But that`s not the only thing I noticed, I noticed a deeper clean than I would with the standard exfoliating scrub - which is always a good feeling. The few bumps I did have prior to the use of Neutrogena faded quickly within` the first few days of using the wash.

Granted, there are a few cons to the facial wash. For one, I noticed my face was itchy after using the wash. Even after I applied a coat of moisturizer, I always have to apply another. Two, it took care of my already-there breakout, but it left the skin in place feeling dry and scaly - a few coats & reapplications of moisturizer took care of that for me.

All in all, it`s not a bad product and I do plan on continuing to use it (at least until the bottle is gone). I would definitely recommend it to someone with little to no breakouts yet is wanting to prevent them. I have mostly clear skin, so I don`t know how it works with acne which is why I`m not recommending it for those with chronic acne.

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