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4 years ago

My beauty product storage
Many girls have a lot of beauty products and I am no different in that sense. This is the reason why I love seeing pictures or videos on how other ladies have organized their beauty products. Since I recently moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend and have finally organized my beauty area, it seemed a perfect time to show my little beauty corner.
Basically my beauty corner consists of my grandmothers old vanity table, new Ikea dresser and a bright natural light lamp (on the other side of table not in picture). I wanted my vanity table to bathe in natural light in this apartment, so we decided to put it in front of the bedroom window.

The vanity table:
I got this ivory colored vanity table about two to three years ago when my grandmother passed away. I dont know how old the table is, but my grandparents got new mirrors for it over 20 years ago. Its not pretty or in perfect condition, but it has a lot of sentimental value. Only thing I really dislike about this table is the drawers. Since they are so old and the system is not as good as in modern tables, the drawers are a bit difficult to open. This is why they are mostly empty.
I tend to leave my most commonly used beauty products on the table, so it isnt quite this empty normally. I also keep my gold-plated, brass and copper jewelry on the jewelry stand that I have on the table, but silver items I store in small plastic bags to prevent them turning black. The metallic can on the table is used as a small trash.

The drawer:
I bought this white drawer about a year ago from Ikea. It is actually just perfect for storing my beauty products, since the dresser is narrow but tall and has many drawers of two different size. Inside the drawers, some of the things are organized in smaller containers/boxes. This drawer holds almost all of my beauty products, besides all my shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and face washes that are in the bathroom.
The two top drawers have all my make up items, i.e. all face, eye and lip make up. The third drawer from top contains my facial skin care, i.e. moisturizers, blemish stick, lip balm, etc. The fourth drawer from the top has all of my deodorants and perfumes. The fifth drawer from the top has most of my jewelry. The first deep drawer from the top has all my body skin care products, i.e. moisturizers, massage oil, sun lotion etc. The second deep drawer from the top has my hair products and accessories, i.e. heat protector, leave-in conditioners, head bands etc. The third deep drawer from the top has all of my nail products, i.e. polishes, polish remover and miscellaneous nail art things. The last deep drawer at the bottom has all of my beauty related electronic appliances, i.e. hair drier, flattening iron and epilator.

<strong>How do you store your beauty products? Have you reserved a drawer for them? Do you have vanity table? Do you keep them in boxes?</strong>

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