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5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! Today in this post, I wanted to share some things that people sometimes think are attractive or look nice but are actually not. This is partly my opinion but its also based off of the opinions of many other people that I know and things that I have heard online :) This isn`t meant to hurt anyone so sorry if this insults you and you do any of these things! Remember, its subjective to who`s making the mistake anyways so it may look good on you while it doesn`t on the majority!

Not only does your hair look really clumpy but you also smell like a hot mess! Most hairsprays tend to have some sort of smell and well, when there`s too much hairspray, it becomes overwhelming! Hairspray also tends to make the hair look a bit clumpy and feel hardened which isn`t a good feeling. Don`t do it!

I think this one kind of depends on who the person that`s doing it is but most of the time, it is definitely a turn off! I have honestly never seen anyone pull off bright pink lips well because it looks too Barbie-ish and tacky! I saw a survey and around 78% of men hated it as well.

This occurs when you apply foundation to your face but end at your chin instead of spreading down to the neck like you`re supposed to. Sometimes when the foundation isn`t a perfect match, the foundation line becomes noticable and everyone will know that you`re wearing foundation! Isn`t it supposed to be all about the "natural look" these days? You can go for that look by blending your foundation down to the neck!

Please, please, PLEASE don`t do this! When a person has too much lipgloss on, it tends to go down off of the lips a bit and makes it look like they had an extremely greasy lunch. Not pretty! Instead, add only a bit of lipgloss to the center of your lips and spread it a bit to give your lips extra dimension while having a natural shine.

Spray tanning is okay itself, as long as you make sure to tan your WHOLE self. Nobody wants to have a tan face and then a pasty white body! I don`t even think I have to explain this one.

So that`s it for this post! Sorry if you do any of these things but most of these depend on the person who does it anyways :)

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