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5 years ago

Beauty is not only makeup and healty food. You have to sleep good to feel good. When i have à night That i did not sleep well my whole day is ruined. I Will feel That day tired, not in THE mood to laugh and not in THE mood to do anything. Thats why i love Sleeping. When i take my daughter to school in THE morning i have to go back at home to clean everything and do à nap. I do it almost every day and am amazed why more people do it: a power nap. In the afternoon, when you need, just twenty minutes to half an hour sleep. You get a lot more energy and you prevent a burnout! I love power naps, also called simply a "nap" called. I often around an hour or two, three afternoon dip. I am a bit tired, do not get much more out of my fingers, a bit lazy ... When I feel, I go to sleep. Curtains, alarm clock (I usually do it half an hour, certainly not longer), and really just sleep in bed. I am always within two minutes away (then I also really need) and I feel after super fresh! I would not live without! I want you in this blog post to explain why a power nap is as good and how you can best do. More energy A power nap to get more energy and therefore your productivity goes up: you get more done after you have slept here. It only takes half an hour (and yes, you`re half an hour or so away from the work you must do), but you win a lot of times. And you feel just better. You prevent a burnout There is much research on powernaps, and it even shows that by regularly taking a nap a burnout (spanned) occurs! Really! Well, you really win a lot of time with it, for a burn out is no fun. And you feel terrible. So nice nap. The prospect is fun I love that I know that afternoon just nice to lie down. Especially in the morning if I can get out of bed difficult. If I realize that afternoon I can still here in my bed, I get much easier in the morning from my bed. Fine! People are better equipped.Research indicates that people slept more beautiful! Well, just as you would have to do, right?!
I personally powernaps for years and always feel wonderful on. It may not always, and especially if you work in an office can be very tricky. It is not well established, many people find daytime sleep is for lazy people. But the opposite is true, just when you are busy it is quite an afternoon take a nap. I would love it if more offices is something normal. I`m sure it`s productivity and performance of workers is beneficial! It has been proven!

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