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4 years ago

Oh right, all pics are mine. ^^
Please ask to use them. ^^
Anyways So SaSa, was having a $35 = free shipping plus some more sale stuff, and since normally it is like $75 for free international shipping, I decided to take advantage of the $35 free shipping weekend and get two things that I was extremely low on; Good non sticky sunscreen and eye cream/ serum whatever thing. The Sunscreen I got was by this brand called Orbis. It is a Japanese brand, and amazingly nice. It is one of those sunscreens with a small ball inside which means you have to mix it each time before you use the sunscreen, so I am guessing it is some sort of oil based, BUT notice the `BUT` lol it is not sticky at all! I didn`t even get any blemishes from this. It dries smooth, velvety and matte and I was so shocked. My face was literally like this > O_O!?! How can it be?! Oil based and not oily looking or feeling?!? What sorcery is this? Anyways I am loving this Sunscreen, especially since it is like SPF 50+ so pretty damn awesome. ^^ It basically replaced my neutrogena sunscreen, which was my favorite before this one.

On to the Rosehip eyecream. So far so good. It is very smooth, not sticky has a slight rosey scent but nothing overpowering and I have been noticing my dark circles become a bit brighter. Now I can not say much about this yet, because it`s more like a long term effect , but so far so good. This product is from Taiwan.

Ok this portion maybe everyone`s favorite, because it is going to be about the Lipstick from Estee Lauder`s Madmen limited edition set? I don`t know how else to say it. But anyways. I only got the lipstick because I am not really a cream blush person, which sort of sucks because I would of gotten it if it was a normal power blush. The packaging was so nice and vintage-y looking I almost got it, but I talked myself out of it because I knew I was not going to use it. Anyways. I got the Limited edition lipstick called `Cherry` It is so nice. It came with a free perfume, which I really like. Back to the lipstick, It is very smooth and silky feeling but still gives off good pigmentation. I will say that you should probably moisturize and exfoliate the lips properly first, or else it will look very yucky. The color is more like an apple color than a cherry color, but still very nice. Very 1960s and Madmen-ish. Haha, I can defiantly see Betty or Joan using this color. Oh another thing I should say is, the lipstick itself is pretty small, a measly .07 oz/ 2g of product compared to a regular Mac lipstick which is .1 oz/ 3 g of product. And the lipstick is still $25. Meh oh well, it`s ok for me though cause I am a fan of the show. Haha. The packaging is so nice. Tiny tube of red lipstick, how nostalgic of my youth when I used to rummage through my grandmother`s cosmetics. <3

Oh and if anyone is interested in the perfume,
It is Estee Lauder`s pleasure bloom, and the only way I know how to describe it is very florally and a tiny bit powdery, but still clean. xD
That is all,
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