Beauty let downs part one

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I haven`t done one of these "disappointing beauty products" post in a long time! I have though, accumulated enough to make another post :) I rarely have a product let down only because I do some research before I go out and buy it. Once in a blue moon I`ll be disappointed in something.
Below I`ll name the product in the picture and why it has been a disappointment.

-MAC zoom lash: I have never been a MAC mascara fan. I did want to try this out because I wanted to see if maybe mac had a good mascara. I`ve only tried 2 from them (I can`t remember the names.) This mascara just sucks. Point blank period. It seriously made my lashes look so clumpy and spidery. It looked unnatural and weird. It`s also way too wet for my taste. I kinda like the whole `dry" mascara. It doesn`t give me that spidery legs lashes. I`ll deff NOT buy a 14$ mascara from mac again.

-Voluminous million mascara: This mascara sucks too haha. I expected it to give me this big voluminous lashes like it said. Instead it gave me spidery lashes with no volume. When I apply this, it does NOTHING for me but make them look weird. It`s also too wet and I`m not a fan of the brush. It`s flimsy and doesn`t work well with my lashes.

-MAC beach bronze: I bought this at my local CCO last year. I thought the color was gorgeous with the golden shimmer in it and I couldn`t wait to use this for the summer to give me that golden bronze look. BIG OL` FAIL. I seriously don`t know how to even work this in my skin tone. I tried using this to contour my face and the bronze didn`t even show up. Maybe I don`t know how to use this right but I`ll give it another go. But for now, it`s a fail.

-Rimmel stay matte pressed powder: This is such a misleading product. It claims it helps to minimize pores and help shine control. For one, my pores were still visible & my face was even more oily then it was before when using this powder. I really wanted to fall in love with this but it just didn`t live up to its claims :/

-Urban Decay urban defense tinted moisturizer: I despise this product. I thought this was going to be an amazing tinted moisturizer that I could wear during the hot summer days. This makes my face SO FREAKING OILY. I feel like I`m wearing a big grease mask on my skin. Not only does it do that, it`s also very cakey. This was 30$ at sephora so that does bum me out. This would be good for someone with dry skin. I have super oily skin and it`s supposed to be oil free. Another fail..

Hope this helped anyone out that`s interested in buying some of these!

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