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Like any other girl I love trendy things. But for some reason when it comes to makeup, spending $25 on a quality brush kills me. So here are some tips from pros on what you should splurge on and then what you can save on!

Splurge: Everyday Basics
Save: Trendy Eyeshadows
It`s the same as clothing, it`s worth it to spend more upfront for a neutral shadow palette you`ll wear down to the pan. For colors you`re unsure about, such as burgundy for this season, test-drive a drugstore version before you commit to a pricey shade that looks pretty in the package but not so much on your face.
A great product to splurge on would be the Naked Palettes. They have neutral colors but also so more daring colors.

Splurge: Balayage Highlights
Save: Going Darker
Natural-looking highlights really look better when a colorist handpaints them (a technique called balayage). DIY balayage jobs can turn out streaky, and without the proper toner, turn brassy so it`s better to get it professionally done. However, taking your hair a shade darker all over is basically foolproof, so try it at home with a semi-permanent box dye.

Splurge: Treatment Products
Save: Cleanser
Cleanser doesnt stay on your face long enough for its active ingredients to make much difference, so stick with a simple, gentle formula and spend your skincare dollars elsewhere. Prescription retinoids like Renova are worth every penny, but over-the-counter retinols give a good bang for your buck, too. Both are among the few anti-aging ingredients that dermatologists universally agree to be effective.

Splurge: Foundations and Concealers
Save: Sunscreen
That`s a new one. However; more expensive foundation and concealer tends to come in a wider shade range and have smoother, more refined formulas, also they contain SPF as well. But the best investment when it comes to your complexion is sunscreen and you dont have to spend a lot to get good protection. Another benefit to using inexpensive SPF? You wont skimp on slathering it on for fear of using up a precious bottle.

Splurge: Makeup Brushes
Save: Mascara
Theres nothing worse than a poor quality makeup brush that sheds all over your face, but a well-made brush, when cared for correctly, will last you for many years and help your makeup go on smoother. On the other hand, there isn`t much of a difference between drugstore and high end mascaras, so if your affordable version suits you, theres really no reason to upgrade.

Splurge: Your Haircut
Save: Your Hairbrush
A great haircut is priceless: nothing feels better then leaving the salon feeling like a million bucks! On the other hand, not even an arsenal of fancy brushes can save a sloppy style. That $150 Mason Pearson may be a nice luxury, but there are plenty of similar brushes that work just as well (in fact, one of the biggest hairstylists in the business told us he only uses Sonia Kashuk hair brushes, which retail at Target for under $20).

Splurge: Shampoo and Conditioner
Save: Hairspray
While weve noticed drugstore shampoos and conditioners getting better and better, many of them are still made with cheap detergents that can strip hairs moisture. Plus, salon shampoos tend to have more sophisticated scents, and that just makes us feel pampered. When it comes to styling products, though, inexpensive versions are often just as good. For example: tons of hair pros use L`Oréal Elnett ($14.99 for a massive can) on set, which is a good enough endorsement for us.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know what you think!
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