Beauty items Finally Organised Part ONE

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So there will be a lot of photos in this post, probably not the best to do on a late night and lack of sleep. *sigh*

So in my last room post, i showed you all my bueaty items that were in my bedroom, and i`ll admit, it wasn`t the cleanest, but usually i`m a very neat person, but having kids and rushing eveyrone just makes you have things unsorted for a bit. I`ve actually cleaned it up ages ago, but never had the time to take photos of it =[

so here it is FINALLY

First photo shows a full view of my "vanity" once again (from my last post) this is a very special study table to me, it`s from my grandpa when i was about 10? He`s passed away now, so that`s what i want to keep to remember him by, and since i have no more room left to add another table in for make up, i`ve used this study table for make up =]

Second photo shows a closer view of the stuff that`s on the right side of the table, which includes brushes, cotton tips, SKIN CARE mainly!!

Third photo shows the make up items that i reach for most, which includes everyday moisturizer with SPF, my most used foundations, mascara, concealer, primer, lip balms, and two contouring brushes aND my eye make up removers that i use everytime i use make up. BUT you`ll notice no lipsticks nor blushes, that`s because i change it up all the time.

Forth picture shows my little organizers, they contain the majority of my make up...i`ll go into the different draws ONE DAY lol

fifth picture shows NEXT to these draws... which contain my palettes, one being the YABBY PALETTE which i completely am in love with. Np set palette, which is horrible and etc.

OK.. so last minute decision hahah. i`ve decided to break up my room "tour" it`s just so many photos that i want to split it up now since my bedroom is kinda split up in terms of make up.

Thanks for dropping by, please stay tuned for PART TWO.. i`ll link it here once it`s up and running.

*all photos are taken on iphone 4s, all photos are mine, please don`t steal beauties

Part 2

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