Beauty is how you see it

4 years ago

So by now I`m pretty sure everyone has seen this photo already (source link below) or some other for of Asian girls before and after floating around on the internet.

Thing is, a lot of people I know, including Non-Asians, Asians, both males and females, make fun of these girls, calling them pathetic or ugly.

I remember getting a HUGE debate on plastic surgery with a fellow coworker because she felt that ugly people were "cheating" the system by getting plastic surgery. My rebuttal was that, if you can`t learn to respect these "appearance-challenged" people as you say, then plastic surgery would give them a second chance at life. Changing their face to suit society`s needs is a lot easier than trying to get society to accept them. And her response, "Well that`s just wrong".

No, it isn`t.

And then the topic led to this.

Girls who drastically change their face with makeup and circle lens.

Personally, I respect these girls for giving tutorials over the net, completely exposing themselves to a world that just wants to judge them. It takes a certain amount of bravery to post photos of yourself, especially if your before and after faces are completely different.

Thing is, not everyone is born "lucky". Why can`t you let them have a chance at life where they get the attention and respect they deserve like you?

For me, this is a very sensitive topic that I fight for. I get into arguments with my best friends on this because they were born pretty. Respect is all I ask.

You think these girls want to be made of? They just want the same amount of respect as other girls do. That`s why they spend 2 hours on their makeup everyday. They weren`t as "lucky" as you, simple as that. But they compensate with skill.

Why do I care so much?

Because I was born really ugly. Ugly to the point that throughout elementary and high school, I had my name spray painted on walls branding me the ugliest girl in the school. People shoved my face into the wall, threw ice balls at me and pushed me off monkey bars into concrete. Girls consistently picked on me. For being ugly and not the "right" type of Chinese. If I liked a boy, they would tell me I ruined their life.

Funny thing is, they come back to me in University and constantly hit on me, without realizing who I was. Then I gently remind them who I was and they go "Well it`s different now, I mean, you`re pretty."

That also explains why I have very limited patience and respect for a lot of Chinese boys, but that`s a discussion I`ll thoroughly explore in Community and my personal blog.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
As a beholder, learn to respect people who don`t fit into your requirements for beauty.

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