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4 years ago

Yesterday, I went to CVS and Ulta to get a few things. From CVS, I got a few Revlon Lip Butters (candy apple, berry smoothie, and pink truffle -- in that order swatched & pictured) since they were $7.99 and then you get the $4 extrabucks for each one. I also got the Revlon nail polish in the color "Elegant", which was $4.99 with a $3 extrabuck coupon on the next purchase, I believe.

At Ulta, I got all NYX items because I felt like I needed more NYX products and since they had a buy one get one half off sale, I took advantage of it. I got two lipsticks (Circe and Summer Love), a lipgloss (Beige), two jumbo pencils (cottage cheese and french fries), and a cream blush (natural). The total price ended up to be just under $20 because I had a 20% off coupon.

I also got bandeaus from Charlotte Russe today for about $1.99 each, but I didn`t take pictures of them.

On to the mini first impressions:
~ Lip Butters -
I have creme brulee and strawberry shortcake, which I love, but I wanted more lip butters. I love their texture, which is more like a moisturizing lip balm.
- Candy Apple is a orange-y red color, a more warmed tone version compared to Cherry Tart, I think. It`s more sheer than a lipstick, but gives enough red color to stand out.
- Berry Smoothie is a berry color (obviously), sort of dark pinkish-purple, with slight shimmer that isn`t very noticeable at all. On my pigmented lips, I don`t really see too much color, but I think it`s a nice "your lips, but better" color.
- Pink Truffle is like berry smoothie, but slightly darker and a little more brown toned. It`s a great color if you want to go a shade browner, but not completely brown. It`s sort of like a pink-brown, so the name fits completely.

~ I haven`t tried the nail polish yet, but it looks like a nice nude color.

~ NYX lipsticks -
There isn`t really a smell or flavor to any of them. I found them super soft and creamy when applied.
- Circe is a really light nude that can wash you out so I would definitely put a lipgloss layer it if you don`t want to look like a zombie. It sort of has a brown tone, instead of the usual pink toned nude.
- Summer Love is really similar to Circe, but slightly darker.

~ NYX Lipgloss -
- Beige is definitely not beige at all- it`s more of a true pink color, which looks really great on the lips. It has a cherry starburst smell, so if you like that (like I do), I`d get it, but if not, I`d stay away because it`s really noticeable. It`s a little thick, but not sticky at all. I actually really like this lipgloss. The color (in the packaging at least) looks a lot like the NYX lipcream in "Milan". I haven`t swatched them side by side, yet, though.

~ NYX Cream Blush -
- Natural is really a natural color, a nice pink. It was the only one that I liked (or wasn`t used) at Ulta. On my light-medium skin, it does show up as a nice pink flush. The product itself is really creamy and has a different consistency than my Revlon cream blush (the one with the mirror.. not the other Revlon ones).

~ I haven`t tried the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils yet, but I have swatched them and they`re gorgeous colors. I wanted Milk, but of course they sold out.

* Pictures are mine.

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