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3 years ago

I was at Target about 2 weeks ago cause I had something I really needed to buy. I was running low on the Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizing cream for my son. He has eczema and he had a really bad flare up. So bad that the doctors prescribed some medication to him, I think it had to do with some sort of steroids medication, not sure, forgot what it`s called but similar to that. Anyways, it worked but you could only use it for a week and after a week he had to stop taking it. Well, let`s just say the eczema showed it`s ugly face again the very next day. I was so frustrated and upset at the same time cause I felt horrible that I couldn`t do anything to help him. So my husband did some research and tried a couple of the creams that claims to treat eczema and it didn`t work. Lastly, we ended up with this Aveeno one and holy moly, it worked. It wasn`t a miracle cream so it didn`t clear it up so fast. But we saw results the next day. His skin wasn`t that red and after a few days of applying this it started to clear up. He still has some and it`s been a month or so using this but I would say it`s 85% healed. Maybe another month or so of using this and it should be all healed. I am so glad I found this and I heard that Aveeno have some really good lotions and creams. No more medicine for sure and the steroids are so bad for little kids. Now thinking of it, I wish I hadn`t taken him to the doctors and instead gotten this cream first. We had an idea that it was eczema but it has never gotton so bad before. I am just happy that his eczema is healing and I feel more relieved. So if you or anyone you know has eczema and nothing has worked so far, maybe they should try this and see if it works. Hey, it`s better than medicine right. Oh sorry, got off topic, now back to the haul So target was having buy any select 3 items and get a $5 giftcard. So I bought two of those eczema lotions and another lotion for myself since they didn`t have the gold bond lotion I was looking for and I was thinking about using that for my body instead. And I also went to Nordstrom Rack again and got myself a backup of the UDPP and also one for my sister to try. I got her hooked onto TFSI and now I am trying to get her hooked onto

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