Beauty by Bicarb - the cheapest and best way to scrub up well!

1 year ago

Every girl needs a box of bicarb in their bathroom and here is why - it is magic dust that transforms dull to dazzling and it costs next to nothing! Here are my top 5 beauty uses for bicarbonate of soda.

1. teeth whitening and cleaning - I add a few sprinkles to my toothpaste while on the brush to make the paste more abrasive. It`s not too harsh tho - it just helps to remove stubborn stains and also neutralises acids in the mouth leaving it clean and fresh. For a bolder whitening effect, make a paste with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and bicarb powder.

2. Run out of deodorant? apply bicarb under arms like talc and voila! No odours for hours!

3. If hair is needing a thorough clean and is overloaded with products and toxins, add some bicarb powder to your shampoo to obtain a good clarifying scrub.

4. Bicarb is great for bringing your body back into balance - a few spoonfuls in your bath will soothe and is great for itchy, dry skin. It will also cut through oil and provide a thorough cleaning experience.

5. A bicarb paste mask will not only clean but help draw out toxins in the skin. The juice of a fresh lemon and some honey can be added to help brighten skin and moisturise. There are many great face mask recipes using bicarb - check out a suitable one for your skin type.

Have fun experimenting!

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