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Mistakes that we make: `incorrectly cleansing your skin, applying a boatload of products in random order, or doing your nails more harm than good with each swipe of a file`

I will be talking about skin, hair, makeup, and nails

First off, How to layer skincare:
There are many different forms that our skincare products come in, being gels, serums, and oils.

1. Serums are the first step and the first product you should be putting on. This is because it is the lightest formula and least occlusive. Serums are made with tiny molecules so that they penetrate into the skin more easily. If you were to put a thicker product on first and then apply a serum then the serum won`t absorb.

2. Face cream comes next, this includes gel, lotion, or cream. You will want to take small amounts and dab on each area of your face and then gently rub it in. This will provide an even application of the product on your skin.

3. Next you can apply your eye cream or sunscreen. When dealing with the eye area lightly dab the eye cream in DONT rub it. `Skin around the eyes is thinner than anywhere else on your face, so any tugging can help increase lines over time.`The sunscreen will go on last so that it can protect your skin on the outer layer.

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