Beautiful Natural Nails

I haven`t put nail polish or any fake nails for over 4 months now and look how they turned out! The white of my nails are bright as ever! The same way they say to not do anything to your hair in order for its natural beauty to come out, that`s the same with your nails! Now I don`t claim to have the most beautiful, perfect nails in the world but I know natural healthiness when I see it. The nails natural shine even appears! I took this pic with my camera phone so you may not see all the details too clear but they are there.

Dr. Oz was saying how at least once a month women should leave their nails natural to give it a break and to examine them and make sure there are no weird colorings or spots on them cuz if any of these appear on your nails, its time to head to the docs to make sure you`re health is in check. Yes, the conditions of your nails are great indicators of your overall health! Word to the Wise ladies!

*** Picture is mine! Taken via cell phone ***

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