Beautiful Jade

3 years ago

Planning to add a touch of green to your home ? Wondering which plant will survive on low maintaince and yet look uniquely beautifull ?
Well the answer for you could be JADE
The jade plant (Crassula ovata) is an extremely popular succulent houseplant . This beautifull plant does add a touch to your interiors.Jade thrives both indoors and outdoors and probably the most easy to maintain plant all you need is little warm place in your home.where it can get some sunlight.Water requirement is minimum. By trimming and pruning this plant you can determine how it grows to suite your requirement.
How to care for your jade ?
Thumb rules are simple ..
1) Jade is basically a succulent like cati. It stores water in leaves and stem and not in soil.Too much water can harm infact kill jade. It is recomended you only water it when the soil is totaly dry and leaves feel little dried out.( once a week in summer and once a month in winter depending on the weather conditions)
2)Keep your Jade where it gets some warmth. Jade thrives in sun light but will not survive cold and frost.
3) Give your jade little fertilizer mix when preparing for its growing season.
4) Pruning your jade as per you requirement before the growth season.

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