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4 years ago

Ok so there are some wonderful options on the market these days for keeping your hair moisturized, strong and beautiful. This is definitely a winner in my book for guys and girls.

The first I would suggest, especially for black hair is to ease up shampoo washes. Maybe wash with shampoo like once a month, but conditioner washes is where its at. My hair has never been softer or more manageable. Conditioner is great for maintaining moisture in your hair and making those end stronger so you loose less hair from breakage.

Also regularly trimming your ends is a magical thing. Your hair looks brand new when you have nicely trimmed hair ends.

Next continue to moisturize with Argon Oil and/or coconut oil, both have vitamins and have a wonderful smoothing quality. Hair seems to be more manageable, softer and stronger. Most women that "can`t "grow their hair are mistaken in believing that their hair is not growing. It is growing its just breaking faster than its growing because of weak hair and dry hair.

Moisturizing with Argon oil and coconut oil provide you with a strong and naturally healthy hair. Through direct application to your hair ends the moisture will be captured and with regular application it will begin to retain the moisture. I love how much stronger and healthier my hair has gotten.

What sort of techniques do you use to maintain your healthy hair?
Have you had trouble growing your hair or troubles with major breakage?

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