Beautiful Flowers To Brighten My Room!

5 years ago

I usually always have at least one bouquet of fresh flowers in my room. I love the color they add and I feel like fresh flowers just make a room feel more welcoming and cheerful :) When I went to go buy my latest bouquet of flowers for my room, I opted for tulips!

I often buy carnations because the colors are really nice and they last a really long time. I decided to get tulips this time, though, because they`re so pretty!! I was surprised that they already had them out this time out year - it`s not even spring yet, lol. But I was very happy to look through all the colors and whatnot. I decided on these ones because their color really pops against the white wall where my desk is (they get the most light there, too, so that`s why I put them there). They really brighten up the room!

The bottom of the vase looks really dark because I actually have red gems in the bottom. I used to have them in a different container but figured putting them in the vase would be really pretty. When the sun hits them it`s gorgeous!

I think I might stick with tulips for awhile :) They`re only a little more than $5 for a small bouquet like this so they`re definitely worth it! I love looking at them, lol. Thinking about getting some more very soon!

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