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What it Good-Be my LUUUX`ys! Our First Album on BEATZ IN REVIEW is Tyler The Creator`s Second Installment-WOLF. For all the fans that were Shocked by Tyler`s in yah grill lyrics, and shocking themes found on his 2nd Album GOBLIN (you know, ideas like "kill people, burn S#@t, F@k school, & his reasons as to why he`s a "Nightmare"), he`s managed to bring you what UR looking for on this one. Diversity is also not lost as he takes you on the melodic side of things with TreeHome95 featuring Coco O & Erykah Badu.
Immean, how could you loose on this purchase when you hear bars on "Domo23" like:
"Sick to my motherf@#$g tummy
B#$h must think Im a motherf@#$g dummy"
Because I dress bummy, "
b!@$h think Im broke
B$%^h, I ate one roach and I made a lot of money"

"Popping since Bastard, Clancy is my slave master
Thanks to them c@#$rs, my pockets are fatter than excess s$%^t thats weighting on Jasper"
(Lyrics courtesy of
Wolf is a definite pick up. Released April 1st, Wolf can be found on Amazon(link below) for just over $13. And of course downloadable on iTunes.
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