Beats by Dre vs. Souls by Luda

4 years ago

So for those who love bumping music every were they go, we are faced with a tough decision.. Whos head gear bumps better, what fits us better. Quality an style both engineered into one. Now from personal expirience, ive had the opportunity to own Souls and Beats. Heres what I think of each. The Souls have a classy look to them, the sound is amazingly clear, and they feel so comfterble on ur ears. The Beats by Dre, have more of a studio/dj look to them, yet sound amazing. One thing that makes them slightly different is the Bass within the head set. So you have a choice.. If you like clear high q iy ality sound then the Souls fit ur soul perfectly. In the other hand if you enjoy high quality sound but with a little boost on the bass then your match is the Beats. Beats come in Black n red, gray n red, white an red. And the Souls have about 5 different colors to choose from. .. so.. Which suits you better??

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