Beats by Dr. Dre .. best earphones invented!

5 years ago

Beats by dr.dre i think are the bestest earphones ever made.
This earphones are top of the line earphones that are amazing and dosnt get any better then those.
The first picture are the in ear, earphones called the tours.
These ones come with a case and little attachments. I want these earphones but the downside is, is that they are 219.00 .
the second picture are the studios. Those are the bigger over the ear headphones. The good thing about those earphones is that once you put them on you absolutely dont hear anything around you accept for the music, and even when there isnt no music playing and you put them on you hear nothing. these headphones are probably the same price as the tours maybe more.
the last picture are the solo`s. they are the same as the studios just smaller and for like everyday use.
those ones are 220.00.
for the price i cant complain because they are really good, top of the line earphones that dosnt get any better, and if they break i think you can bring them back to fix them.
there are more different types of headphones.
if any of you guys have let me no how you like them. :)

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