Beat Jiggly Arms with Beginner Resistance Band Exercises

4 years ago

I bought a resistance band a couple of months back to compliment my cardio training. As I hated lifting weights, resistance bands were a better alternative for me.

The first step is choosing the right resistance bands. The best way is to try them out. If you find that you can pull them easily, then it`s too lightweight for you. You need something that provides some resistance back but not too much.

This beginner`s exercise is great for toning your arms and getting rid of the jiggly back arm fat. It`s also very convenient to do, so when I used to have cable, I did this while watching TV for 15 minutes.

1. Start by standing shoulder-width apart, each foot standing on the resistance band. The resistance band should be the same length on both sides.
2. Slowly lift your arms up. You can either do lifts with your upper arms by your side like dumbbells or you can lift your upper arms to be in line with your shoulder and then lift. The first option hits your biceps. The second option hits your triceps, which is the back of your arm. You can do both as part of your training, or you can stick with one, whichever one is comfortable.
3. Do 10 repetitions and rest for 1 minute then repeat for 10-15 minutes. This should be used in conjunction with your cardio exercise to burn away fat so your toning will come out from underneath.

Always remember to keep your body straight, especially your back and your eye gaze forward. This ensures that your exercises target your abdominals as well rather than your back.

Hope that helps!

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