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3 years ago

Bears bread

How cute are these?^^ I just want to eat them all up. xD Would be great to go with your afternoon tea or anything at all actually. lol. Anybody know where they sell these? I know they look really simple to make but I can`t cook or bake for my life. -_-

Edit: Since some people ask for the recipe, I went to google for it.

Here`s the original recipe in Japanese: http://kitchen.yaplog.jp/yaplog/RecipePopup.blog?blog_id=1126624&extension_id=976&kind=popup
And here`s the translated recipe in English: http://www.enjoylivingsustainably.com/2011/05/cute-bear-kuma-chan-japanese-bun-recipe/

Credit goes to this site for the recipe:

<strong>*Photo is not mine*<strong>

Source link: http://www.puricute.com/answers/585