Beard Papa Cream Puffs

4 years ago

I still remember when the first Beard Papa cream puff store opened in my city, there would usually be hour long line-ups. Now, a few years later, my city has more than 4 locations and no more line-ups.

The quality of these puffs hasn`t changed though, so I still buy these once in a while. In fact, my dad, who`s not a lover of sweets and desserts, loves these puffs. This is the only type of "junk food" that he eats, which says a lot about how good these are. These are best enjoyed cold in my opinion. They taste the best when they are just taken out of the fridge.

These go for about $2.15 each. They are gigantic cream puffs filled with lots of cream though so the price is not too bad. Other than the original flavour, which is vanilla, they also came out with special flavours like mango, chocolate, green tea, chestnut etc. But only 2 special flavours are available at a time. Today, they had chocolate and mango. I got 4 original, 1 mango, and 1 chocolate just to try. The chocolate one was great, but the mango one didn`t taste like anything at all. It was almost like flavourless puff. I think next time I`ll just stick with the original flavour.

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