Bear Grylls- Escape to the Legion

4 years ago

Watching the first half hour i realise that being part of the legion is more than just a job or a get away, its a way of life. I cannot picture any of the sergeants sleeping in on any day, they were so strict on everything, 10 pull ups must be done before every meal. and if you need to get there you have to run. The sergeant runs double marathons after serving 10 years as a para he switched to the legion. Bear grylls and his men have been running for a mile or two when already they are confronted by 150 ft sand dune. This is all punishment because someone has left the legion already,, they are forced to watch and can stop their pain at any time by rejoining the legion. after watching avergae joe`s climbing that massive dune its amazing the motivation and dedication some people have. After the dune they have 6km to run back to the fort. I really feel for these guys. Shortly after breakfast, the lads start military training little did they know was they were going to do a bit of gardening. They have been told to move rocks from one part of the desert to another part. This is only the beginning and i am already dreading watching the rest to see what they have to go through.

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