Be sexy, not a hoochie. Clothes are our friends.

4 years ago

All my life I have seen some women expose their skin, too much of it, in my opinion. No ones breast should be spilling like beans out their tops. Same for men, no one wants to see your Hanes boxers! I feel as though people that expose the least are the most `sexy`. For some people, they just like flaunting their bodies, and that is okay, because we all have the freedom to wear what we want to wear, it is all preference! :)

If you expose one portion of your body such as your chest, it would be better if you didn`t expose your legs. In terms of wearing a dress.

`When your clothes are so snug that others can see your blood type, that means the hoochie-meter is pretty much pegged.` Find the right size!

These are the main rules, I suppose.

These are all my opinions! How is the weather where you live? :D

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