Be Serious About Your Meals

5 years ago

I am around my family a lot and my dad is a non stop fast food and junk food junkie. My mom is always around him and she eats whatever he does but she works out like a body builder. As I sat in front of the latest chick-fil-a my dad had brought home, I looked up at my mom who was eating and thought back to yesterday morning when I notified her that I had lost a pound in my first week (YAY!) and how she had said that she wasn`t losing anything because of her diet. That`s when it hit me. If I`m really changing my unhealthy ways, I have to be serious. I love my mom to death but she doesn`t have discipline against food. I lost a pound when I started bringing my lunch and drinking water with my food. So, I need to take this thing to the next level. I need to plan out my meals with food that is good for me and especially tell the people around me that I don`t want temptations. Now, my dad is a... jerk in the sense that he doesn`t stop bringing in junk even though my mom told him she doesn`t want it in the house, but this is another learning experience. You can`t control the people around you and you cannot let them get in the way of you and your health. If I have to make my own meals and eat different things then what my family does, that`s what I`ll have to do at least for now until I really know what I`m doing and know how to control myself. That was my little ah-ha moment that I wanted to share. If you had an Ah-Ha moment or some sort of revalation about your health, please share. It`s like instant motivation for me and others who read. Joy the conversation!

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