Be careful with App Trailers !

Hello again guys :)

That`s my second post in that category. I remember that i was writing about app called "app trailers" where you could earn money just for watching trailers of games but... it became a scam :-( I earned there only about 10 dollars and now i have problems with this app. It says that my account details are wrong, that my account was susspended, that i can`t spend the money which i earned... I don`t know what`s going on... And i have zero points for all videos and it supposed to be 5 points for every video... So crazy. I wrote to app trailer support but the didn`t answear me. So i wrote second time but still nothing. I was trying on my second iphone but it was the same story ;-( I thought that this is only me, because i don`t know i was clicking too fast or something like that but no. I read in the internet and other people also have that problem ! I wrote on official app trailers account on facebook but still nothing. So for me this app is definitely a scam. They let you earn few dollars but when they see that you are earning too much and to fast they suspended your account :-( If you don`t believe you could check in the itunes rewievs. The same brand has got also second application to earn money and points. It`s called AppRedeem and you earn points by installing some free apps. And it`s the same story... They just stop to pay ;-(
So, if you want to earn just few dollars it`s good app but if you need lots of money for i don`t know ipad, new phone or something like that it`s just waste of your time. Because it`s very slow, you earn 5 points for 45 second video. 5 points is about 0.005 $.

So guys, be careful with this app !

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