Be a Human Bowling Ball for $4,500!

Earlier this afternoon, my boyfriend and I were running errands and we came across a bowling alley. I told him we should go bowling sometime because I never bowled in my life. I have been to bowling alleys but I just never bowled before and it looks like fun especially if you were a <em>human bowling ball</em>. What a coincidence that I came across this website. You can be in an inflatable bowling ball and the object of the game is to roll yourself to knock down the pins! Although this bowling set seems a lot of fun especially if you have a huge backyard but the cost of this is not at all reasonable. This complete bowling set is freaking $4,500 and according to the website you have to pay an additional $100 for shipping too. Shoot for $4,500 -- I would expect free delivery forever!

<strong>If you had $4,500 to spend, would you want this bowling set in your backyard?</strong> If this was cheaper, I can see this being a money maker by allowing people to rent this for a day for like $200. It would take ~ 23 days to pay it off and you profit from it but it`s way too expensive to risk because what if it gets a "hole" or "ripped" even though the description claims that this set is made with rip and tear resistant vinyl. I have had bad experience with inflatable vinyl`s such as swimming pools, chairs, balls even if they claim to be 100% rip/tear proof, I don`t believe it! However, I do I bet this would be super fun to play a game of bowling! =)

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