Be A Curl-A-Holic Like ME! Get Those Sultry Vuluptuous Hair With A Neo 3 Piece Clipless Curling IRON! Review!

5 years ago

Big bouncy vivacious curls...The kind we all love and long for....Those beautiful curls that make us have that sultry sexy look we all want to achieve....Sometimes it seems to achieve that look we will buy a million curling irons just to get that fabulous girl we all want for our pretty head of hair....

I admit, I am a curl-a-holic....So when I see new curling irons or wands I cannot help but get excited and want to try them all.....About 3 years ago I purchased a clipless curling iron...And since then I fell in love with it, and I have to admit its probably the best way to curl my thick lonnnnnng locks......So for what seems like years I have been on the hunt for a not so expensive (they are all too expensive) 3 piece clipless curling iron....

A clipless curling iron basically is a ceramic curling iron without the clip to the iron...The clip basically holds your hair securely...Instead you use a glove with the clipless curling iron and swirl your hair around the ceramic barrel...And before you know it, you have sultry curls!

Needless to say I was on Hautelook and saw this fabulous sale for the Neo Choice clipless curling iron..I admit for a while now I have been seeing them on sale, but passed it up...However this time for $99, I decided to just purchase it, especially since for what seems like years I have been on the hunt for three piece clipless curling iron...

Oh and best news, this originally is selling for $380! Can we say deal!

This fabulous clipless curling iron is a tourmaline Ceramic barrel, which is perfect for holding and curling your hair....This comes with three barrels which you easily pop off and put on of the base of the curling irons....This will give you variation in sizes for your fabulous curls....

I used the biggest barrel this past weekend, and really love it...It holds the curl perfectly and really is great at holding it, and giving you those waves we all love....I will say that there was a little part in the base of the curling iron, which is a little dip which I assume is a piece of the iron which allows it to rest on the counter so it does not burn anything...That particular piece sometimes makes it hard to curl because my hair gets stuck above it...Not to mention the temperature gauge and on and off button is right where you hold the barrel...Therefore you can shut off the iron without even knowing it because it is in the wrong spot...I do love that you can set your own temperature digitally and that you control all of that....

Here is what the clipless curling iron comes with:

*Tourmaline Ceramic barrel
*ON/OFF switch with temperature control
*temperature range of 122 F - 410 F degrees
*LED power indicator
*comes with 3 barrel size options: 19mm,
25mm, 32mm
*swivel cord
*LCD Display

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What do you think of clipless curling irons? How do you curl your hair?

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