Bdellium Tools 760 LinerBrow Brush (New vs. Old) Review

Im sure you all remember me raving about the Bdellium Tools 760 Liner/Brow Brush ($7.04 USD) a little while ago, because I was so excited I had finally found an eyeliner brush that allowed me to make the perfect cat eye each and every single time, without fail. Wellshortly after making that video, I was informed by Bdellium Tools that they had discontinued that brush, and put a new one into production. I was able to try out both the old one and new one side by sideand heres my reviews, and as well, a quite awesome little surprise

The Brushes
Bdellium Tools is known for their affordable, high quality brushes. The 760 liner/brow brush is a part of their antibacterial studio line- and I first tried out the brush in the travel size when I received it in a press package from IMATS Toronto. I fell in love. The travel one is pretty much the exact same as the full size old 760 I received, the only difference being that the handle was a bit shorter (which I prefer) allowing extra precisionhowever the end results were consistently the same with the full size brush.

Comparing New 760 Vs. Old 760
The Old 760 brush was a duo fiber eyeliner brush, something you dont see much of. Natural bristles at the bottom, synthetic white bristles poking through the top. Its also unlike most angled brushes out there that you see because it is a lot shorter and thinner. Its almost like a hybrid between a pointed eyeliner brush and an angled one. The fact the bristles are soft and flexible is key- this is what allows the fluid back-and-forth motion that I use to create a perfect, smooth line (you can check out the video demo I did). The precise tip also allows for the most razor sharp cat-eye points without correcting with a Q-tip post application.

The New 760 brush is a little different in a few ways. It still has the unique hybrid shape of a pointed eyeliner brush and an angled eyeliner brush, but it is a little bit more longer and the bristles are not made of duo fibers- they are completely synthetic. The fibers are a little bit more stiff- still able to move back and forth in a fluid motion, but because the tips arent as soft, I almost found them to be a bit pricklyas if it was poking me (I even found myself startled a few times). Dont get me wrong- this brush is still better than any other eyeliner brush on the market, but its basically SO precise and sharp that you have to be extra careful. The end result- a smooth line with a razor sharp edge is still entirely possible.

When I told Bdellium Tools about my experience with the two brushes, they listened. I was completely honest with all the pros and cons about both brushes, and in the end, they decided to put the Old 760 back into production. AMAZING. Its so refreshing and awesome to see a brand so driven by their customers and real feedback.

I truly hope that each and every one of you are able to get your hands on the 760 eyeliner brush- it has seriously changed the way I put on eyeliner (its so much more enjoyable and easy now)! I love to use my awesome Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner with this brush, but Ive also tried it with the new Revlon Colorstay Gel Liner and the MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack- all work amazingly well with the brush. Be sure to check out my video demo of how I apply gel liner to see exactly the technique I use.

Price: $7.04 USD
Availability: Bdellium Tools (please contact them directly for international shipping options)
Overall: Both are great eyeliner brushes, and both deserve an A+. Flexible bristles for a smooth fluid-motion application, as well as a precise tip for razor sharp edges; this is the best eyeliner brush Ive ever used. While I prefer the old one (going back into production), the new one works just as well.
Rating: A+

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