BCBG Flare Skirt

4 years ago

I recently was just browsing through BeyondtheRack and if you don`t know what BeyondTheRack is, it`s a flash sale site that has really high end brands for really great prices. It`s basically like a Hautelook but in my opinion better because they have a better selection.

I wasn`t looking for anything in particular but I was just browsing through their skirt section and I saw this skirt. My jaw literally dropped because I have been searching for this skirt for ssssssoooooooooooo long. This skirt was featured in one of Wendylookbook`s pairing episode and I fell in love with the skirt. Wendyslookbook is my absolute favorite youtuber of all time! I`ve been searching high and low for this skirt and haven`t been able to find anything similar so I was about to give up but I saw it in their skirt section and in my size! I was absolutely thrilled!

This skirt is a pleated, flare skirt. It`s a striped skirt with nice wide stripes. If you read my post on my forever21 haul I don`t like thin stripes because sometimes I feel like there`s too much going on with the piece if its too thin. I always prefer wider stripes. It`s a nice nude and black color so this goes well with a plain white tee or a white blouse if you want it to be more girly. And the absolute most best part of this skirt is it has *drumroll* POCKETS! omg I think skirts and dresses with pockets are the best thing ever. I`m one of those awkward girls that never knows what to do with her hands so pockets are a God-given gift for me. I`m also one of those girls that doesn`t always like bringing a bag with me because sometimes, seriously, all I need is my phone and some cash. That`s it. So pockets are the best thing ever. I think every manufacturer should start making all skirts with pockets. (Now I`m just rambling...but I really like pockets...) What`s great about these pockets too is that they`re in seam so its not like its obvious that there are pockets.

The skirt was $60.00 which I have no problem paying because this is a good quality skirt that is the exact model that I`ve been looking for. And the pockets makes it so worth it. I know it`s a little more than most would like to pay for a skirt but for me, I`ve been searching for this skirt for forever now, so I don`t mind.

I am so in love with this skirt and cannot start wearing it. (BUt it`s cold in San Francisco T.T)

Source link: http://www.wendyslookbook.com/2012/03/spring-breeze-panel-skirt-silver-details/

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