BBQ Duck

4 years ago

In Chinese culture, we serve a lot of BBQ meat. One of them is BBQ duck.

As you already may be familiar with Peking Duck, BBQ Duck is cooked in a completely dinner manner and tastes completely different, including the texture of the meat.

The whole idea of BBQ meat in Chinese culture is to preserve the fatty portions of the meat, which is usually just under the skin.

The butchers would take the fattiest ducks and then marinate them with soy sauce, sugar and some other seasonings. The seasoning used gives the duck the unique savory and sweet taste. It also helps to lock in moisture and fat.

They are then broiled ensuring that the meat retains the moisture inside, so the duck remains juicy and tender.

It is then left on a hook to hang in a heated glass box for all the people to see. This way, customers can see which duck they want and which part of the duck they want. Usually the ducks are left handing for a day or two.

This duck was very fatty as it is almost winter so it had a lot of fat retained under its skin.

It is usually served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce to offset the savory taste of the meat.

In the end, the meat is incredibly seasoned and soft and it falls right off the bone due to the cooking methods used.

We had this served yesterday night at my boyfriend`s parents house =) It was very good! The only time I ever eat fat off meat.

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