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Hey everyone! I was looking through my pictures and I found this yummy looking plate of food. One of my new friends (who just came from Vietnam not too long ago) heard we eat a lot of vegetarian food. So we invited them (as a family) to come to a BBQ of ours. They were so sweet and made some homemade vegetarian beef! It was so good, it tasted like the real thing. The only thing was that it was SUPER spicy! I love eating spicy so this was perfect! They marinated it with a bunch of spices and lots of lemongrass to make it extra fragrant. On top of that they stir fried a bunch of chinese broccoli (kai lan) to make it a more balanced meal.

I don`t know about everyone else, but I feel super `heavy` and bloated if I don`t eat veggies with every meal. Then I fall into a food coma which isn`t a good thing. LOL It`s super cold outside right now so I`m ready to BBQ again in a few months.

What`s your favorite BBQ dish? I absolutely looooooooove eating chicken wings! I know they`re not very good for you, but once in a long while isn`t bad right? heheh School is back in full swing so I will try my best to post frequently!

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