BBHQ December Task - How Do You Photograph For Your Blog?

4 years ago

I`m a member of the and for this month`s task, we have to share about our blog photographs...What we use, What we do, How we do it, etc... If you have been following me for a while, you may probably remember that I`ve shared some tips on how I take my pictures and lighting. Since I`ve already done a couple posts about those, I will post the link for your reference if you are interested to read more. And before I forget, I just want to announce that I`ve just started a photography blog so if photography is your cup of tea, feel free to check it out or follow me there as well. It`s still very new and I only have a few posts up @ 1. What camera(s) do you use for your blog photography? I have used several camera`s for my blog and like most of you, I started with a point and shoot digital cam, but what I am currently using is the Canon Rebel T3i. You can also view my camera on this post /viz/my-new-camera-first-impression-and-sample-pictures 2. What type of lighting do you use? Natural light, indoor light, studio lamps, etc.? I use a combination of artificial and natural indoor light. What I try to achieve for my readers is getting the most accurate and quality picture possible. One that captures the right color and texture. You can read more about it on this post /viz/photo-lighting-tips. 3. Do you use a lightbox (purchased or diy?)? Nope, I don`t use any of that fancy stuff :D but a lightbox has been something I`m considering. 4. Do you use a specific background? Not really, just something neutral or simple that will not interfere with my subject. The last thing you need is a distracting background so the less distracting, the better. Also be careful about the color of your background as it can alter the color of your subject as well. 5. What does your photographing setup usually looks like? It`s pretty simple actually! I`m all about simplicity! You do not need to dish out a lot of money for equipments in order to get good result but I would agree that having all the right gears will help a lot. Your biggest investment should be your camera. I understand that not everyone can afford a DSLR camera but you should try to get the best one that is within your budget so definitely do your research before you buy. 6. What is your top photographing tip for a beginner blogger? Get familiar with your camera`s settings and what your camera can do! I cannot stress that enough. Once you understand how they work, you will maximize the quality of your pictures. I guarantee that. For more camera tips, please read this post /viz/camera-tips-camera-settings-and-how-make-most-it. 7. For fun: If you could upgrade your photographing equipment today, what would you buy? What I`ve been thinking of getting is a flash (even though my camera does come with one) and a better editing software. I`m currently using Photoshop 7, which is really old, lol. I just acquired Photoshop Lightroom 4.2. I`m still a little lost at how the interface works but that will be a learning in progress. This is what my set up look like...Don`t laugh cause it`s that simple! All I need is my camera, a daylight fluorescent bulb, sometimes I use my mirror as reflector, a white/nude mat (from the dollar store) and that`s it! What does your set up look like? **Pictures and contents are mine. Do not use without permission.**

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